Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Look, New York, New Music

It's been a while since we updated the look of the sight; so I put some time in on the formatting. Please comment on what you'd like to see interms of the page layout, we're open to suggestion.

There are three major things I want to address with my first post from NYC. They are in order of importance. First, in honor of the start of the USA campaign in the wold cup; here's a rap video Clint Dempsey with nike a while back. Also when I say rap video, its not just Dempsey playing soccer in a rap video; he's spitting verses while tipping in his car with Texas sized rims. The team proved again today that its often better to be lucky than good.

The second is Eminem's album which is coming out next week. Here is a retail quality copy,

Its good to hear him in a good place again, say what you want in the c section.

The Third is Drake's disappointing debute album Thank Me Later. Here's a copy of that also,

Aight, time for another night out in NYC