Sunday, August 31, 2008

Music: Exclusive Preview of LupEND

Lupe Previewed a couple tracks from his "Final" album LupEND at Indiana University over the weekend. Check it out!

Happy Labor Day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama/Budden 08

In a shock twist of events it turns out that Sen. Joe Biden is not the Democratic choice for VP. Barack has chosen none other than Joe Budden!

campaign announcement

Pump it Up in 08!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Music: Good Morning- Kanye West

I saw this video a while back, I remember watching it for the first time in Thurston. It was a masterpiece then and its a masterpiece now. The animation is amazing and it really captures the song. It is also the 2 video released by Kanye this month. Why the material dump? Could new material be on the way? Stay Locked!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Music: Yung Berg Visits Detroit - Catches Ass Whooping - Gets Chain Snatched

VH1 - Yung Berg's Having The Worst Week Ever

The Chicago area rapper, Yung Berg, who is known for wearing a $70,000 transformers chain, as well as being bitch made, made a stop at a night club in Detroit run by area rapper Trick Trick. Berg has some standing beef with Trick Trick's Goon Squad crew. Apparently as soon as he rolled up at the club, Plan B, Trick Trick's boys stomped his ass and took his chain which you can now see above draped around Trick Trick's brother who works security at the club.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Athlete Placement: Root for Nick Swisher

Nick "Swish" Swisher

This man, whatever his batting average may be, is what makes the White Sox a great team. He's literally getting his face painted. Quality athlete.

Product Placement : Buy Swishers

Sports: KOBE!

Kobe scored 17 in the 4th quarter to lead the USA to redemption on the way to our first gold medal in 8 years. Props to Spain for putting out a 17 year old point guard

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Music: New T.I. featuring EVERYONE EVER "Swagger Like Us"

T.I.'s forthcoming album, Paper Trail (Sept 30th) is going to be pretty strong if he can keep up the stream of material he's been putting out. Recent singles "Whatever You Like" and "No Matter What" are both a bit on the pop side of Tip's range, but you've got to love T.I.'s flow over the heavy synthesizer riffs. This song is a slight departure and features a ridiculous number of disappointing guest spots. Kanye and Just Blaze tracked a beat with a slow bass line that roles through the song much to the same effect of DJ Toomp's beat for "What You Know" and matches it with a sample from M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes." Kanye West, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne provide the first three verses in that order and all of them underwhelm. Jay, Yeezy and Weezy have all been providing weak guest spots on a lot of tracks lately. Frankly, if this song was a contest for "best lines about one's own swagger" then all three superstars just proved why T.I. can call himself the king. Kanye has some outstandingly bad lines including where he calls himself "Christopher Columbus," as well as asking what it feels like be "the shit and the urine." Jay does his thing but doesn't bring much emotion to his verse and fails to really punctuate most of his better lines. Lil Wayne spits his 5,234th verse that sounds exactly the same. Then Tip attacks the beat double time, slightly ahead of the beat, like he has done so well on many tracks before. His whole verse is sick and he ends with his best line "Kick it like me no exaggeration necessary, Living revolutionary nothing less than legendary, Gansta shit herreditary got it from my Dad, Flow colder than February with extraordinary swag." Things look optimistic for T.I.P. going into his forth album, but you've got to wonder if turning away from the grittier sound of his debut album, Urban Legend, means that T.I. is winning the battle between T.I. and T.I.P.

T.I. "Swagger Like Us" feat. Kanye West, Jay-Z and Lil Wanye
Full CDQ track off Paper Trail, props to Fake Shore Drive

Politics: And it's Joe Biden!

Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Barack Obama chose Senator Joseph Biden, a Delaware Democrat, to be his vice presidential running mate, selecting one of the party's leading foreign-policy figures and harshest critics of Republican John McCain's national security views.

The Obama campaign sent a text message to supporters at about 3 a.m. New York time announcing the decision. Obama and Biden are scheduled to appear together at a rally in Springfield, Illinois, today at 2 p.m. local time.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Contest: Funniest Caption and Logo Design

It's plain and simple, funniest caption picks up 15 dollars to the ITunes Music Store (That's like 15 song, 10 get the point)

Also we are looking for a logo, so all you creative types out there get your pencils going. Winner gets to design the official Cornbread and Matzah T-Shirt and Mixtape cover and not to mention tons of internet exposure, and if your lucky you'll get some dough . All designs must be submitted to Stacks or myself and the readers will pick the final design.

Good Luck!

Music: Throwback Thursday- The Thong Song

So, here I am minding my own business at work today and out of nowhere on my Ipod's shuffle the Thong song came up and I couldn't help but to listen to the whole thing (twice?). If you know anyone who say that they didn't enjoy this song at some point then you know a DAMN LIAR! Whatever happened to Sisqo?

Music: Throw Back Thursdays

From Left: John Legend, Consequence and Kanye West

For our first Throw Back Thursday I dug out a track that mixes the old and new and as usual has a Chi Town focus. Kanye West and Consequence replace Q-Tip and Phiffe Dog in this 2003 remake of the Tribe classic "Electric Relaxation." For those of you that don't know 'Quence is actually Q-Tip's first cousin and began his career by making a bunch of guest appearences at the tender age of 16 on Beats, Rhymes and Life.

Music and Fashion: Justice x Dior Homme Spring 09

French musicians Justice did a mix for the latest Dior Homme Spring Summer 09 fashion show in Paris, just like Daft Punk did a year or so ago for Louis Vuitton. They dropped a new track. Classic Justice sound, epic piano chords, distorted arppegiated harpsichord, super compressed drums, filtered out synth, all the proper elements of a Justice track.

For all you fashion heads, the new Dior line is siiick. Check it out

Music: Mean and Vicious- Lupe Fiasco and Naledge

I'm sure that you have already heard the Lupe only version, but check out this fire from Naledge of Kidz in the Hall. Props to fakeShore for the hook up

Mean and Vicious Remix

Sports: The Worst Olympic Event Ever

What the fuck has our society come to? Until today I thought that the clearest sign of the decay of our society was that people spend time watching other people driving in circles - but nothing could prepare me for what I saw this afternoon.

I was watching T.V. earlier today and when I flicked over to the Olympics, I was appalled to see what looked like a group of 30 or so women speed walking in the rain. I rubbed my eyes because I didn't think that this group of wet, over-the-hill, mall-walkers could possibly be passing themselves off as Olympians. It seemed impossible to me that our society could award someone a medal for walking. I mean my grandma can walk, I can walk, toddlers can walk - What I'm getting at is that its kind of strange to honor someone for doing something that literally everyone can do - Jumping a pole vault is impressive - Doing a double back flip between uneven bars is really impressive - Walking is just pedestrian, in the most literal sense.

I became saddened when Bob Costas confirmed my worst fears - I was indeed watching the women's 20k speed walk - and worse, there were medals involved. What is most incredible about this whole "event" is that someone somewhere had to propose to an Olympic committee they should honor someone who speed walks for a half an hour with a medal equal in stature to the athlete that runs a marathon - and an entire room of people agreed with that moron. What's more, a television executive at MSNBC thought that people would be interested in watching what can only be described as the slowest and least interesting race imaginable. I would honestly rather watch Michael Phelps make a salad for a half an hour than that shit. If they can have a gold medal for walking, I want my gold medals for sleeping, smoking, and eating.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Music: New Jeezy and Nas Track

Barack Obama has become the most bandwagon topic in hip-hop production. Everyone from Jay-z to Common to (yes this is serious) DJ Drama have begun dropping lines about our Senator in recent recordings. The most recent ludacris mixtape, produced by DJ Drama "The Preview" even sparked a debate on Fox News when Judacris dropped these lines over the beat from Young Buck's single "Get Buck" -

"Hillary hated on you so that bitch is irrelevent"
"John McCain doesn't belong in any chair unless he's paralyzed"
"George Bush is mentally handicapped"

Although Ludacris is funny intentionally, DJ Drama's commentary at the end of the song is fucking priceless - For some reason hearing Drama scream "Its Time for Change" in the same voice that he screams "Gangsta Grillz" makes the slogan sound really sleazy... like mall Santa sleazy.

Fox news earlier this year refered to the pound Barack gave Michelle as a "terrorist fist jab" - So it makes sense that they would blow the Luda thing out of proportion as well.

Anyway we all already knew that Fox news is evil. Just ask Nas who recently delivered his petition to their corporate office to ask them to "stop their racist attacks on the Obama family."

Check it out

This brings me back to my original point. It's kind of annoying that rappers like Jay who declined previous offers from the campaign to work collaboratively are now profiting off of Obama's fame. Jay and Young are true hustlers at heart. Now, Nas and Young Jeezy who have both recently released pro-Obama anthems independently, team up to make as much fucking money off this Obama wave as they possibly can with "My President is Black." I can't lie its a pretty solid track and Recession is going to be a hot album - Nas spits a solid verse in a start to attempt to erase our memory of the shittier two thirds of his last album.

Young Jeezy feat. Nas "My President is Black"

CDQ Track from up comming Young Jeezy album "The Recession"

Movies: Batman 3 Poster Leak?

The Internet has been a buzz with details of the sequel to the summer smash "Dark Knight," The rumor mill is going crazy with a cast list that features Johnny Depp as the Riddler, Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the Penguin and even Angelina Jolie (Pitt?) as the sultry Catwoman. Well that would be dope to say the least. Stay Tuned for more spoilers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sports: Olympic Update

American Sweetheart Shawn Johnson ended her runner-up streak with a beam routine Tuesday night that blew away the field, including all-around champ Nastia Liukin, behind whom Johnson got one of her three silvers.

Sergio Aguero scored two second-half goals in seven minutes Tuesday and later set up another to lead Argentina to a 3-0 win over rival Brazil and into its second straight Olympic final, this time against Nigeria.

Medal Count:
USA 79
China 76
Rus 42

Music: Jackin' Jay Z

DJ Danny Diggz Gives us the track we've all been secretly waiting for. Jay-z and Oasis over a Kanye Beat. Props to Eskay and NahRight for the line

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kicks: Fresh Ass Dunks

I was just surfing and found these. With an opening date for this year’s Beijing Olympics taking place August 8th, 2008, the end seems near for the numerous Olympic-related lifestyle releases which have come to fruition to mark these games. For Nike, they’ve taken the age-old Chinese association with the numeral 8 and its derivatives with numerous designs focusing on octagons. In a limited run of One Piece Dunk Highs, Nike has created a pixel-esque pattern of the general upper of the Dunk High in a few different colors. Five different colorways are available at UNDFTD LA and SM starting Friday, August 8th.

Kicks: New spring 09 Dunk Preview

Four new Nike SB Dunks have surfaced which reflect an upcoming look into what’s in-store. The preview covers every aspect of the Dunk with two Lows, a Mid and High. No news on the conceptual aspect of the designs but stay tuned for more information on the release dates.

Music: Hi-Fi and jBenOK Call For Two

Just in time for the end of summer, Call for Two by JBen and Hi-Fi

Movies: The Dark Knight is Officially the 2nd Highest Grossing film of ALL TIME!!

Ben Stiller's "Tropic Thunder" scored $26 million over the weekend to claim the #1 spot at the domestic box office, ending the four-week reign of supremacy by "The Dark Knight." The war spoof has made $37 million since opening on Wednesday (incidentally, $4 million behind what "Pineapple Express" made last weekend).

But with a second-place finish and $16.8 million, "The Dark Knight" is still the story of the summer, meaning "Tropic Thunder," "Iron Man" and just about everyone else save Michael Phelps will have to settle for minor victories. Falling only 35 percent, "The Dark Knight" continued to make history in its fifth weekend in release, climbing past "Star Wars" to become the second-highest-grossing movie of all time. Its total now stands at a mind-boggling $471.5 million.

Events: Windy City Records Release Party

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


2011 W North Ave

Chicago, IL
9:00 PM

Come Support Chicago Hip Hop including Dubz own MC WeirdScience and Philosopher Stone

Artist Spotlight: Ill Cosby The Coldest

The self proclaimed "Funkiest Teenager," Ill Cosby (aka EnfaRedd, Dookie Sinclair, SlimeZilla) of the Wiggidies Crew has had a busy summer. Spending June to August in the studio, Cosby relies on self production, the beats of Benny Nice, The Kid and even Polow (Love in this club remix is fire) and a strong list of guest appearances from fellow Wiggidies members. A few highlights include a sample of TV's Dora the Explorer and a soulful KMD sampled "Blunts in my fronts." Stay Tuned for more artist profiles and more from Ill Cosby The coldest. SouthSide!

No Homo,

A Little Backstory......

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life and welcome to Cornbread and Matzah, the future of the internet.