Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Lesson for Sarah Palin in Trig Onometry

Dear Governor Palin,

The youth of America are scared shitless by you. I'm not sure whether its the red baiting or racist attacks that you've made on my family's friends or just your disregard for basic human decency. Frankly you remind us of our friends awkwardly attractive hyper-conservative control freak mom, and that doesn't sit well with us. We don't want her in the White House telling us that we need to stop smoking blunts and start hunting wolves from helicopters. But policy matters aside - This is a woman who named her children Trig and Treg. This shows a blatant disregard for our generation and the naming conventions within the English language. Shame on you Karibu Barby, Shame on you.

In reponse to this kid shit campaign effort, Super Producer Jared Paul brings us a banging track from a rugrats sample. The Stax Rothstein premire track will feature on two upcoming mixtapes including Jared Paul's follow up to last year's Ratatashups. Not to come off as more cocky than usual, but this track is amazing. The quality of writing from Andrew Gladstone "Stone" and Josh Smith "WordSmith" is apparent in each of their carfully crafted lines. Plus just like Kanye I'm working this whole autotune thing out of my system. The difference between me and Kanye is that when I do it I say something that people give a fuck about. The situation in the Economy is dier, this election is of paramount importance, and at this defining moment in history no one gives a fuck about Kanye's heartbreak. They want to talk about some real shit and the Kosher Nostra brings it. If I sound more arrogant than usual then its because, as Chi Town legend Common said "I'm on my own shit like and entrpenure that stepped in manure" Without further adue here this is the CornbreadandMatzah world premire of Stax Rothstein "Pickles vs Palin: Round 1 (Trig Onometry) feat. Stone & WordSmith." More hot shit to come.

Pickles vs. Palin: Round 1 - Trig Onometry
Full CDQ mp3, prod. Jared Paul, from The Kosher Nostra
Stax Rothstein, Stone and WordSmith