Sunday, February 22, 2009

WordSmith & JPaul Productions: The Lab Volume 1

Download - WordSmith & JPaul Productions The Lab Volume 1

Everyday people come up to me and ask two things: First, "Max, when are Nike and a team of scientists going to finally team up and make the McFly 2015 auto-lacing sneakers from Back to the Future. I usually bring up that I neither work for Nike, nor drive a DeLorean, but that if I wanted to make a wild conjecture without any basis in verifyable fact, "March 5th 2011" seems reasonable. Second, they ask when is the mixtape you worked on with J Paul and WordSmith coming out? The answer to that is right now motherfuckers.

A little background information for those of you that aren't in the know yet. WordSmith & JPaul Productions present The Lab Volume 1 - aka the best hip-hop to come out of Wesleyan University since Santogold left here. The project began when DJ JPaul crash landed his spaceship into a small liberal arts school where he began assembling the greatest crew of MCs and musicians the world has ever known to take over the music industry and save the world's dwindeling polar bear population. The charismatic leader of this group, Josh Smith, a.k.a. WordSmith, is known for his previous work with long time friend / producer Illustrious (who is responsible for four of the beats on the album) and is also known for tearing down the house at Psi U this Saturday with his live Hip-Hop ensemble the Concert G's. WordSmith teams with Stax Rothstein (aka the next Ari Emanuel, bka your girlfiend's favorite rapper) and Ayo Stone (aka Andrew Gladstone, bka the next Martin Scorsese), the three "Kosher Nostra" MCs, along with Lu, Ben Block, and a host of others to take you by the ears on an epic hip-hop journey through space and time. Anyway, I'm not saying this is the dopest Mixtape ever, but it might change your life.

Also check out last year's banging JPaul & Ratatat mixtape Ratatashups and be sure to keep an eye open for a major show announcement soon - be prepared you might need new underwear when that news leaks.