Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Asher Shoot Shells Out the Whip like It's Mario Kart

A waiter called me Sam Rothstein today jokingly in reference to the movie Casino. The first track off Asher Roth's LP also leaked and is posted below. The former has nothing to do with the latter except that the first four letters of my last name are Asher's last name. That makes me as a fanboy happy. Also, this track gives me hope that Asleep in the Bread Isle will have more tracks with the lyrical quality of those on Greenhouse Effect than "I Love College." Not to knock that shit either though, just worried about the fans it might give him pushing his career in the wrong direction *cough* ( Camera pulls back from Macbook Pro screen to reveal Stax typing while wearing the Undercrowned College shirt from music video - Pauses - Stares into camera - Shrugs sheepishly - Camera pulls back, que music "Say it Ain't So riff", fade to black.)