Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Awww Shit! - New Jay Electronica

Jay had previously stated his intense interest in exploring his creativity through film as well as music and it looks like he plans on pursuing this impulse in his next project. Also I saw Just Blaze premier this track live at the Red Bull Big Tune beat battle at the Metro. If you watch the video below closely you can see my hat at the beginning in the back left. More importantly though, J-Mac and J Rell both had sick beats. Back to the matter at hand. While cutting together footage from his trip to Nepal to accompany his next release is a new turn for the elusive N.O. born MC, the project is still in the same production style of Mr. J Electrotherapy's previous releases. Consequently the 1+ min preview of his forthcoming project is untitled, produced by Just Blaze, and has no scheduled release date.

- Stax

Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle Live at the Metro from gowherehiphop.com on Vimeo.