Friday, October 30, 2009

Lil Wayne - No Ceilings

A few days ago Weezy F. Baby announced that he would be coping a plea bargain on some gun charges that will land him in jail for a full year. But it's always darkest before the dawn. Just as we thought the old Wayne was gone forever, amidst the murky background of half a dozen or so unofficial mixtape projects since Dedication 3 dropped, the clouds opened and a ray of light shown down from the sky. As I looked up I saw the familiar face of one of the goblins from gringotts - then I realized that goblin was actually the enigmatic N.O. MC back to breath life into the game. (Hopefully you're now so confused by my use of mixed metaphors that this mixtape will make some sense)

" Uh, basically I'm still a monster / 'till the fat lady sing, I come to kill a opera / Ya'll too plain, I'm a helicopter / My words keep going, like a teleprompter / I'm a asshole, wipe me down bitch / I get big checks, nike town bitch / Yeah mean mug, Bobby Brown shit / and the flag red, like clown lips / Uh, T.I. can't stop going / Drop my best shit like the cowboys dropped Owens / I'm the best to ever do it motherfucker I know it / No ceilings god damn it now the fucking sky is showing" - Banned from TV

- Stax