Thursday, August 21, 2008

Contest: Funniest Caption and Logo Design

It's plain and simple, funniest caption picks up 15 dollars to the ITunes Music Store (That's like 15 song, 10 get the point)

Also we are looking for a logo, so all you creative types out there get your pencils going. Winner gets to design the official Cornbread and Matzah T-Shirt and Mixtape cover and not to mention tons of internet exposure, and if your lucky you'll get some dough . All designs must be submitted to Stacks or myself and the readers will pick the final design.

Good Luck!


JR said...

I'd go with "I'm so glad they finally made forbidden love an Olympic event" and "Why do I always get stuck covering the wierd stuff. Yesterday it was the extreme cat beach bowling."

Dave said...
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Dave said...

May-Trainer, "Hug it out bitch"
Cameraman, "Excuse me while I draw wood"

Anonymous said...