Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update Jay-Z "Brooklyn Go Hard" featuring Santogold & produced by Kanye West

Another Jay-Z track produced by Kanye West leaked today. Its called Brooklyn Go Hard and based on my first listen I would classify it as a grandiose epoch anthem the likes of Black Republican. However there's no Nas support on this one and I'm not sure how I feel about the girl on the bridge. But listen for yourself and leave a comment with your thoughts.

UPDATE - Since last time I've found out that the girl singing the hook and rapping the bridge is none other than Santogold. I'm going to retract my previous statement that I wasn't feeling the bridge since she is a Wesleyan alumni and as such I'm obligated to hype her shit.



Josh said...

I think this shit is crack, personally. I like Santi's style...her whole debut album is tight, as is the Top Ranking Mixtape she did with Diplo. Jay, Santo and Yeezy did the damn thing on this one...Jay did some damage lyrically over a beat that makes the underwhelming "Swagger Like Us" track look like the bullshit excuse for a beat that it was. That's my two cents.

- BirdSmith

Stacks Rothstein said...

I think Josh made a couple really good points. The "swagger like us" beat really was trash compared to pretty much every other noteworthy Kanye production. All that really has to be said is remember when he used to make beats like "heart of the city." Damn I miss that Yeezy. Anyway I'm going to definitely check out that Santogold/Diplo tape. Good looks. Also, I have to mention how sick the Jackie Robinson line is.

Anonymous said...