Thursday, November 13, 2008

J.Kwest "I Am Obama" featuring Susan Gzesh


This is hard for me to come to grips with, but my mom made it into a rap video before me. Granted, I was at the shoot for MGMTs video for electric feel, but lets face it they're just hipster ass Wesleyan students the rest of the world has validated in their current forms. J.Kwest however, is legit. Like community organizer legit. Where's real America now Sarah Palin? Well since real America is now run by a friend of my Mom, who is in J.Kwest's video for his post election anthem "I am (Obama)," I think I can confirm that the South Side of Chicago is now officially Real America. Take that Wassila Alaska. Anyway, J.Kwest's video should serves as a sort of introduction for the rest of you, those living in fake America or Anti-America, to Real America. For us, Real Americans, its just a well made video for a carefully crafted song. Enjoy.


J.Kwest - I Am (Obama) from Endangered Peace on Vimeo.